The Astrological Journal November 2015 57.6

The Astrological Journal November/December 2015 Volume 57 No.6
The Astrological Association Conference 2015 Biggest photo gallery yet from the astro event of the year. Are you in it?
Retail shopping brands and their charts: Dr Nicholas Grier on Marks & Spencer, John Lewis,Selfridges and other iconic high street shopping
brands – and how to read a corporate personality horoscope
Does Amazon lack a moral compass? Dr Catherine Blackledge investigates the ‘strange’ chart of the global online shopping behemoth
Data News by Frank C. Clifford. Analysing charts of notables and the actors who play them
Chemistry of Attraction: the world’s best synastry database is now online and there are ‘beautiful results’, reports Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom
Throw away your cookbooks. John Green is our guide to proper relationships analysis
The four astrological facets of Jesus: Konstantinos Gravanis’s fresh research on the astrology of the four biblical gospels
The new Kepler Conference is all about research,says co-founder Courtney Roberts
Working with the planets: the Saturn-Neptune square and the world: Roy Gillett
Christian Borup tribute: Branka Stamenkovic remembers a much-loved man
‘The piss-prophet rises’ : Dr Catherine Blackledge tells a William Lilly horary story
Julian Venables talks about his William Lilly novel,The Astrologer’s Apprentice
The Wessex Astrologer: Director Margaret Cahill is put under the scope
Shelley von Strunckel and Frank C. Clifford discuss Brian Cox, Dawkins and predicting death.
Star Wars, George Lucas and an unintegrated t-square. Part 2. By Dr Glenn Perry
In the astro news: The Astrology Shop featured in The Sky At Night!
Archive: the Chaucer Astrolabe of the 14th century
Anne Whitaker’s Not the astrology column: contemplating Saturn-Pluto
Letters: Windows 10 and Solar Fire
Books from the Faculty, LSA and Lodge
Transits for Nov-Dec 2015. By Sarah Cochrane
Astrology crossword. Pam Crane’s devilishly clever puzzle
Astro x-ray: Ronnie Grishman, editor-in-chief of Dell Horoscope


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