The Astrological Journal January 2016 58.1

07 Marjorie Orr’s World Astrology Pope Francis I vs. Vatican Old Guard: Who will be the victor?
10 Welcome to 2016 and the Age of the Common Woman: Michael Lutin looks to the skies and sees our future(s).
27 Solarscope:Transit of Mercury: How will Mercury’s occultation of the Sun on May 9 play in each of the signs? By Melanie Gurley
30 The NHS on the astro-couch: Consultant psychiatrist Dr Andrew K. Black (semi-retired) offers an astro-prognosis (and -diagnosis).
35 Working with the Planets: Roy Gillett considers Andre Barbault’s dire 2016 warning in his own inspiring look-ahead.
The Carter Memorial Lecture: 14 When an astrologer speaks. By Claire Chandler Astrologers have real power – but what is its source and how do we exercise it responsibly?
40 0n Rejection. By Marcos Patchett We know of Reception – but do you know of Rejection in a horoscope? Part 1.
53 Astrology is thriving in Turkey. By Robert Currey Oner Doser is leading the way as he also seeks to harmonise traditional and modem techniques.
65 Astro-X-Ray: Deborah Houlding The celebrated teacher of horary astrology gives a very frank interview.
08 Cecil the lion: How a fixed square involving Leo Jupiter gave us a roaring news event in 2015. By Chrissy Ogilvie
22 The Astrology Shop
23 Data News: Frank C Clifford Charts of Hollywood male sex symbols – and Gerard Butler in particular.
24 When does life begin? The astrology of an in vitro birth by Patricia Godden
38 AlexTrenoweth Diary… in Cape Town
39 The Humanist attack on astrology – 40 years on. Nicholas Kollerstrom and the cosmic ironies of a well-timed broadside.
46 Astrology and past-life regression. Correlations between birth and regression charts. By Angela Cornish
50 Remembering Christian Borup By Wendy Stacey, the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Lynn Bell and Deborah Houlding
56 The Mountain Astrologer. By Victor Olliver
57 Under the Scope: Etan llfeld Catherine Blackledge meets the brilliant physics graduate who saved Watkins Books
57 AA chart database – how you can help
03 Editor’s letter
04 In the astro news
51 Calendar: events diary
52 Not the astrology column. Anne Whitaker on returning to stargazing
60 Bookshelf: Sue Kienst’s More Plutos reviewed, plus more
62 Letters: Kim Farnell responds on Lodge’s 100th
63 The Sky – Day & Night.Transits by Sarah Cochrane
64 Astrology crossword By Pam Crane


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