The Astrological Journal March 2016 58.2

Shakespeare and the stars
40 Priscilla Costello presents original research on the astrology of the Bard’s plays as the world marks the 400th anniversary of his death.
08 Angela Merkel’s reality check? Marjorie Orr assesses the prospects of the embattled German Chancellor.
09 Paris attacks and 21 Aquarius Smiljana Gavran?i? on a ‘hot’ degree in France’s horoscope.
11 Night and Day by Brian Clark Has astrological practice abandoned intuition and dreams for literal interpretation?
19 Whistleblowers at the Galactic Centre Mandi Lockley on the black hole chart signature of truth-spillers.
27 Enlightening the Enlightenment Roy Gillett wonders whether we are passing into a new geological Anthropogenic Epoch.
30 Revealing the true Pluto Does the Dwarf Planet need to be redefined after the New Horizons flyby? By Sue Kientz.
35 David Bowie turns to face the strange Christina Rodenbeck on the Uranian superstar’s passing.
37 The French sceptics’ cover-up Science’s ‘debunking’ of Gauguelin’s ‘Mars Effect’ is debunked by Nicholas Kollerstrom.
48 On Rejection (Part 2) Marcos Patchett tells more of Reception and its variants Generosity and Hostility.
56 Solarscope by Madame Zolonga Failing with astrology – Jupiter in Virgo by sign: smart new approaches to media astrology.
58 Under the Scope: Dr. Martin Cohen The British philosopher goes against the grain and says something positive about astrology.
62 Sign Language: new column Pam Crane explains the indispensable Dwad.
36 Jo Logan: veteran Prediction editor.
54 Prof. Mike Startup; Dr. Dave Stevens; and Vernon Well
04 Editor’s letter: Planet Nine, Bowie and Shakespeare.
05 In the astro news
18 Data News by Frank C. Clifford: long-lived partnerships.
47 Not the astrology column by Anne Whitaker. What Age of Aquarius?
55 Astrological calendar events diary.
63 Books: OPA’s guide to being a successful astrologer.
64 The Sky – Day & Night. Transits by Sarah Cochrane
65 Astrology crossword by Pam Crane.
66 Astro-X-Ray interview: Trans-Neptunian objects expert Sue Kientz.


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