The Astrological Journal May 2016 58.3

07 Marjorie Orr’s World Astrology: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
11 Data News by Frank C. Clifford: more notes on camp
27 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets: transits and the EU Referendum.
37 Not The Astrology Column by Anne Whitaker: should astrologers charge?
65 Pam Crane’s Sign Language: Pluto Plutoed! More on the Dwad
26 Obituaries: Axel Harvey by Erin Sullivan
38 Obituaries: Louise Huber by Joyce Hopewell
40 Syria and the House of Assad: Robert Anderson explores the astrology of a civil war that crosses national and religious boundaries.
08 Astrology in Israel: Gali Sat Puran Livneh offers a personal view.
12 W.S. Gilbert: the process of rectification – A guide to finding the ‘true’ Ascendant in the absence of birth time. By Jonathon Clark.
18 Master Mundane Astrologer: Roy Gillett unveils Andre Barbault’s new book ‘Planetary Cycles – Mundane Astrology’
20 Shakespeare’s ‘true’ birthday and fixed stars – Moon, Paran Analysis and other techniques are employed by Paul Saunders.
31 Ancient Rome: Poetry, Prophecy and Power – David Wray re-introduces Manilius’ poem Astronomica and opens up a whole new old world.
49 Saturn through Sagittarius: the Joyful Child grows up – A journey towards responsibility has its risks, as Anne Whitaker documents.
52 Curiouser and Mercurioser: Ruminations on a Hermetic Retrograde – Aaron Cheak’s epic trip during a Mercury Retrograde reveals a new way of living.
60 Are you a typical astrologer? Capricorn Astrology Research examines the birth charts of 953 stargazers. What’s the outcome?
66 Astro-X-Ray: Alex Trenoweth interview – The new Secretary General of International Affairs at KIA in India talks about her objectives.
03 Editor’s letter: Nancy Reagan RIP
04 In the astro news
10 Letters from Derek Parker and Tony Matthews
36 Astrology crossword by Pam Crane
63 Bookshelf: Under A Sacred Sky by Ray Grasse; To You The Stars by Wendy Cartwright; Topics In Astrology by Bob Maransky
64 Transits for May-June 2016 by Sarah Cochrane


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