The Astrological Journal July 2016 58.4

03 Editor’s letter.
04 In the astro news.
06 Marjorie Orr’s World Astrology: BBC under threat?
07 Data News: Victor Olliver on Columbo, Poirot, Miss Marple – and 22 Virgo.
08 Jonathan Cainer tribute: Roy Gillett, Michael Lutin, AlexTrenoweth, Robert Currey, Pat Harris and others remember the media ‘star of the stargazers’.
12 Oscar Cainer interview: JC’s nephew takes over the Daily Mail’s astrology column and hints at changes to come.
16 Calling down the heavens: AstroPsychology as grounded theory – Glenn Perry explains an innovation that synthesises psychology and astrology.
22 US Presidential Election 2016: The Donald and the Dwarfs. Sue Kientz analyses Trump’s trans-Neptunians.
27 US Presidential Election 2016:: The Solar Ingress Chart: Peter Stockinger names the likely winner.
30 Recovering the Garden of Venus : Venus represents beauty and grace, as her goddesses remind us. By Darby Costello.
33 Working with the Planets: Roy Gillett on the post-EU vote and Sat-Nep square.
37 Can the Perfect Man overcome his chart? Oner Doser examines the nativities of two master souls who ‘overcame’ their fate.
41 Not the astrology column: Anne Whitaker tackles the twins ‘problem’.
42 Moon trine Neptune: on sympathy Alexander Crawford is just too big-hearted. One natal aspect explains it all.
43 Ingmar Bergman: portrait of the ultimate artist. Andrew Ifandis sheds light on dark themes in the Swedish film director’s horoscope.
47 Letters: Chrissy Philp takes on the New Scientist.
51 Classified and advertising rates.
52 In memoriam: Dorothy Cheesmur Ellis By Jadranka Coic.
53 A brief history of astrological journals: Part 1: 1700-1830 Philip Graves introduces us to yesteryear’s magazines of stargazing.
61 Under the Scope – Branka Stamenkovic: the astrologer who has become an MP in Serbia.
63 Bookshelf: astrology repackaged and celestial magic in gems.
65 Pam Crane’s Sign Language: an original approach to the Aquarian Age question.
66 Astrology crossword 09, set by Pam Crane.
67 Astro-X-Ray Vedic astrologer Komilla Sutton lets us into her world.


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