The Astrological Journal September 2016 58.5

03 Editor’s letter: Prince Charles and astrology
05 In the astro news
08 Letters: Helena Paterson
09 Prince Charles meets astrology graduates : Nicholas Campion’s report on how his students got the ‘royal seal of approval’.
12 How to be a better consultant: Mark Jones and Frank C. Clifford on creating healing conversations.
15 Anne Whitaker: Not the astrology column Beware 1st June….
16 Welcome to Austria’s ‘Hotel Astrology’ Carole Morin visits a lake-side heaven in the Alps.
19 Roy Gillett: Astrology, Brexit and global healing.
25 Henry Seltzer: Eris’ part in the historic vote.
28 Jessica Adams: Let’s hear it for Ceres!
32 Liz Hathway: Should astrology influence mundane events?
34 Tom Callanan: Can we really forecast election results?
35 Frank C. Clifford: Brexit and the Saturn-Neptune cycle.
36 Wade Caves: Breaking down Brexit in a ‘trad’ masterclass.
41 Frank C. Clifford: Data News
42 Roy Gillett: Working with the planets
44 Sophia Centre Conference 2016 A special report by Alex Trenoweth.
45 Astrology Student Conference 2016 ‘Stimulating!’ ‘Thought-provoking!’Anne Whitaker is our spy.
46 Spiritual paths in a material world Vedic practitioner Paul Barker on discovering a person’s life path.
50 It’s always something… Michael Lutin explores the coming New Enlightenment.
53 In memoriam: Patricia Louise White By Roy Gillett
54 Marjorie Orr: World Astrology
55 My family, me, the autistic spectrum and Eris – Paul Mayo’s extraordinary memoir.
60 Advertising rates in Journal
61 Two financial horaries Jonathon Clark analyses two ‘wealth’ questions in his life.
65 Bookshelf: Mutual Reception by Alan Annand; Verdant Gnosis: Cultivating the Green Path Volume 2 Edited by Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy and Jenn Zahrt; Temporary Periods of Joy by Rosemary Adams
67 Sarah Cochrane: Transits Sept-Oct 2016
68 Pam Crane: Sign language


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