The Astrological Journal November 2016 58.6

03 Editor’s letter
04 Astrological Association Conference 2016: Roy Gillett report and our massive photo gallery
08 Astrology conference calendar 2017
09 Frank C. Clifford: Data News – Boy George’s real birth time
10 Debbie Wiseman interview: The composer talks about her new album, The Musical Zodiac
12 Review: The Musical Zodiac by Christina Rodenbeck
13 Marjorie Orr: World Astrology – Neptune’s actual meaning
14 The Jupiter-Pluto Cycle in the 20th century – Extract from Andre Barbault’s Planetary Cycles: Mundane Astrology
19 Letters: from Liz Hargreaves and Tony Matthews
20 ‘How did you come to astrology?’ Stargazers tell all to Wade Caves
24 David Bowie: a year later : Tim Burness’ astro life of the rock and pop legend.
29 David Bowie: a year later : Bowie’s faith in astrology by his biographer Lesley-Ann Jones
31 Roy Gillett: Working with the planets – How to seek a happier world
36 Lyndsy Spence:
Neptune’s author of classic glamour – Victor Olliver profiles the Piscean biographer
38 Anne Whitaker: Not the astrology column – Secondary progressions
39 Chiron in the charts of doctors: Gun Hansson’s latest research project
41 Charts of youth, maturity and beyond : R. Hakan Kirkoglu revives ‘continuous horoscopy
47 Europa -‘Queen of destinies’ : Jupiter’s Galilean moon
48 The Queen Victoria ‘solution’ : Can electional astrology help improve natal fertility potential? By Theodore Naicker
54 Standing in the Radiance of Venus: Bernadette Brady’s visual astrology of US presidential elections
60 The ‘dark’ side of Brexit: Lunar astrology, past and present by Helena Paterson
65 Advertising rates in Journal
66 Pam Crane: Sign language Time-travelling
66 Bookshelf special review: Nicholas Campion on Andre Barbault’s Planetary Cycles
68 It’s easier to be an astrologer today – Edward Snow profiles Dr Laura Tadd
69 Sarah Cochrane: Transits Nov-Dec 2016
70 Pam Crane’s Astro Crossword
71 Astro X-Ray interview : Infinity editor Smiljana Gavrancic


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