The Astrological Journal January 2017 59.1

02 Frank C. Clifford: Dolly Parton and birth data
04 In the astro news
05 Leonard Cohen remembered by John Etherington
06 Letters
06 US Presidential Election 2016
08 Roy Gillett: Lessons for mundane astrology
11 Smiljana Gavrancic: The White House and 22 Gemini
13 Sharon Knight & Steven Birchfield: Traditional mundane approach
15 Tim Heyer: Trump as Saturn
16 Carter Memorial Lecture 2016: Christeen Skinner explores our elegant universe
24 Vedic: Sonal Sachdeva on Saturn’s transit of Dhanu or Sagittarius
36 Astrology events diary 2017
37 Tribute to the late Michael Wackford By Sharon Knight
30 Maurice Fernandez on the Jupiter-Uranus cycle
38 Roy Gillett: A Happy New Year?
40 Marjorie Orr: The US vs Russia (again?)
41 John Sladek’s 13th-sign ‘spider’ hoax. By Kim Farnell
47 The astrology of Obamacare By Liz Hargreaves
46 Anne Whitaker: Saturn square Neptune
53 Pluto’s methane snowcaps, courtesy of NASA
54 Uranus and the earlyflying machines by Jonathon Clark
60 Hello, it’s Adele. Andrew Ifandis’ astro-portrait
66 Pam Crane: Thinking about the Contrascia
68 Bookshelf: Exploring the Financial Universe
69 Sarah Cochrane: Transits Jan-Feb 2017
70 Pam Crane’s Astro Crossword
71 Astro X-Ray: Sharon Knight interview


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