The Astrological Journal March 2017 59.2

03 Editor’s letter

04 In the astro news

07 Frank C. Clifford’s Data News: educator Lady Marie Stubbs
08 Hit sci-fi movie Arrival’s alien language oddly resembles astrology, discovers Tim Burness
11 The Sky at Night is 60. Liz Hargreaves on the BBC TV astronomy show’s chart
15 What’s wrong with the 13-sign lunar zodiac? By Helena Paterson
17 Leonard Cohen: the astro-biography: John Etherington explores the life of the late singer-songwriter and poet
23 Letters

24 Anne Whitaker’s Not the Astrology Column: the millennials
25 Why do the charts of Capt. America and Dracula work? Simao Corts examines the horoscopes of ictional people
29 Just a little broken: George Michael RIP. By Christina Rodenbeck
31 Astrology events diary 2017
32 Pam Crane’s Sign language special: a new chart for the USA capital?
36 Marjorie Orr’s World Astrology: UK’s new EU ambassador Sir Tim Barrow
37 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets: changing ‘populist’ times
41 Marine Le Pen and 21 Aquarius: Smiljana Gavrancic on the French election
44 Uranus in space exploration charts, By Jonathon Clark
56 The Ptolemaic Bounds: Tania Daniels explains an important feature of traditional astrology
51 ‘How did you come to astrology’ part 2: Wade Caves interviews more astrologers
61 The ‘Celestial’ watch that sold for ?463,000
62 The Jupiter-Uranus effect in real life: Anne Whitaker interviewed
66 Derivative houses: Marguerite dar Boggia on Annie Besant and her family
68 Bookshelf: Astrid Fallon’s Graphic Ephemeris
69 Sarah Cochrane’s transits for Mar-Apr 2017
70 Pam Crane’s unique Astro Crossword
71 Astro X-Ray interview: Rod Chang


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