The Astrological Journal January 2018 60.1

03 Editor’s letter
04 In the astro news: Harry Potter magic and Marjorie Orr’s debut novel
07 Frank C. Clifford’s Data News: Rugby star Ben Cohen’s bold Uranus
08 Roy Gillett at 80: astrologers worldwide pay tribute to the AA President
15 The Astrological Association at 60. Jonathon Clark analyses the organisation
19 Archivist Philip Graves snaps up a rare, expensive copy of Saturn and Melancholy
20 The AA’s birth-time election – why so ‘challenging’? Wendy Stacey explains
23 Letters
25 Aries ingress chart for 2018: Trav Travers assesses the UK’s destiny in the Brexit talks
29 Anne Whitaker’s NTAC: How did you become an astrologer?
30 The rise and rise of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. By Tim Burness
34 Calendar: major astrology conferences worldwide
35 Boomers and the lunar defect. Peter Marko spots a generational dislike of the mighty Moon
40 The decumbiture and Culpeper’s use of Moon Crisis charts (Part 2). By Tania Daniels
46 Solar eclipses and hurricanes, from Harvey and Irma to past storms. By Wim Weehuizen
49 Fashion and ‘Fridamania’: Christina Rodenbeck on the astrology of Frida Kahlo’s influence
51 ‘Astrology, life, light and meaning’ by Ana Isabel. Studies in astro-psychological approaches
59 Dr Percy Seymour at 80: astrology-supporting astrophysicist. By Paul Cairo and Pat Harris
61 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets: more Goon Show antics in the world?
66 Transits for Jan-Feb 2018. By Sarah Cochrane
67 Books: New releases from Judith Hill, Peter Marko and Liz Greene
69 AA Presidents from Roy to Roy: Pam Crane applies Sign Language multi-techniques
70 Astrology crossword 18: are you smart enough to tackle Pam Crane’s unique puzzle?
71 Astro-X-Ray: Marjorie Orr interview: politicians have consulted her. Discreetly.


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