The Astrological Journal May 2018 60.3

The editors write…
29 Carole Taylor: editor of Journal, 2014 Straddling the popular and academic was key aim of a ‘short but sweet’ editorship
31 John Green: editor of Journal, 2008-13 In-fighting in the astrology world – it does put off newcomers
32 Jane Ridder-Patrick: Journal guest-editor, 1988 On being taken aback by the strength of opinion of (certain) AA members

51 The booming years: a generation bound. Astrological cycles used to challenge birth period of Baby Boomers. By Peter Marko

07 Frank C. Clifford’s Data News: ‘Sunny’ McCann, born into a tabloid and social media circus
45 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets: Uranus ingresses Taurus against discord
63 Planet Fashion: When Audrey Hepburn met Hubert de Givenchy
65 Pam Crane’s Sign Language: The AA’s asteroids
68 Anne Whitaker’s NTAC: Charles Harvey, Eve Jackson, Roger Elliot and the AA at 60

03 Editor’s letter
04 In the astro news: The YouTube astro-stars
33 Advertising rates in Journal 40 Calendar 2018-19: astrology conferences worldwide 66 Letters 67 Books: Marjorie Orr’s The Astrological History of the World reissued
69 Transits for May-June 2018. By Sarah Cochrane
70 Crossword 20. Smart enough to tackle Pam Crane’s unique astro-puzzle?
71 Astro-X-Ray: Wade Caves – spectral Scooby Doo on ice?


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