The Astrological Journal July 2019 61.4

04 In the astro news: is star-sign discrimination possible?
08 Madonna: still pushing people’s buttons: As the star returns with Madame X,Deborah Perera examines her natal chart
10 Pluto and the creative arts: Anthea Head’s survey of Pluto’s transformative effect in music, literature, art and humour
21 Astro-Calendar 2019-20: conferences worldwide
22 Anne Whitaker’s NTAC: ‘Strange’ chart for when I found grandpa’s grave
24 The Warsaw Uprising and two heroes: On the 75th anniversary, heroism and horror in the charts. By Wanda Sellar
28 Report from Planet Fashion: Christina Rodenbeck gazes on the Met Gala, Age of Camp and Gemini’s part
30 Astrology and the archetypal power of numbers: Are you ready for arithmology and the astropoetic sense? Joe Landwehr is our guide
34 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets, July-September 2019: Opposition rules – can regeneration follow?
37 Roy Gillett’s Solar Fire Advice Column
40 The rise and pause of Extinction Rebellion (XR): Is the new peaceful protest ecological movement XR built to last? Mandi Lockley investigates, with the help of Black Moon Lilith
45 The astrology of black holes: It’s time to give these ‘invisible’ supermassive celestials a chart place, argues Rod Chang
49 A brief guide to assessing transits: part one: Anton D’Abreu proposes general ‘best rules’ based on his own research
54 Dr. Benjamin Dykes: champion of traditional astrology: Sharon Knight, Chris Brennan, Oner Do?er, Tania Daniels and others pay special tribute to the man whose English translations of past astrology texts have revived many old techniques
62 Books: Arlan Wise’s pick of the best of the old and the latest
65 Advertising in this magazine: rates and specs
66 Pam Crane’s Sign Language: Extinction Rebellion and eco-war!
68 Transits for July-August 2019. By Sarah Cochrane
69 Astrology Crossword 27. Pam Crane’s unique (challenging!) puzzle
70 Astro-X-Ray: Neil Spencer: The new movie he has co-written – and re?ections on old adversary Prof. Richard Dawkins