The Astrological Journal September 2019 61.5

04 In the astro news: ‘First modern lesbian’ and her zodiac code
06 Report from Planet Fashion:Christina Rodenbeck on why women’s football isnow so beautiful
08 Tem Tarriktar, publisher extraordinaire: Tributes to the founding editor of The MountainAstrologer who died in July
14 A brief guide to assessing transits (Part 2) Retrogrades and transits to midpointsby Anton D’Abreu
18 Anne Whitaker’s NTAC: Nature’s victory: a Mars inCancer story
19 Books in brief: Darrelyn Gunzburg’s Grief, and others
20 Astrological Association Conference 2019: Report by Roy Gillett and photos by Paul Anthony
27 In Print: a practical guide for writers of astrology Frank C. Clifford’s advice on how to get published
38 Antiscia: the origins and history of an ancienttechnique re-discovered by Tania Daniels
46 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets, September toNovember 2019: an autumn of sumo politics
49 Astro moments with Boris Johnson: What the horoscope of the UK’s new PM reveals.By Roy Gillett
52 Claus von Stauffenberg: Hitler’s wounded would-be assassin. Why did the 20 July 1944 plot to kill the Fuehrerfail? Wanda Sellar investigates
57 The story of a theory of astrology: Paul Westran’s research into secondary progressedsynastry shows astrology is true
65 Pam Crane’s Sign Language: Gentleman Jack and a ?rst tango in Halifax
67 Advertising in this magazine: rates and specs
68 Astro-Calendar 2019-20: conferences worldwide
69 Transits for September-October 2019.By Sarah Cochrane
70 Astrology Crossword 28. Pam Crane’s unique(challenging!) puzzle
71 Astro-X-Ray: Dr Armand Diaz: Has his horo-analyses of relationships left him bitteror cynical?


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