The Astrological Journal November 2019 61.6

02 Editor’s letter
05/14 In the astro news: Passing of Australian mundane/media astrologer Ed Tamplin
08 ‘Celestial Brainwave Entrainment’ A new version of astrological sound – Nicholas Campion meets astro-musician Daniel Alzamora Dickin
15 Frank C. Clifford’s Data News: Richard Pryor Jr
17 Vernon E. Clark: The psychologist whose tests support astrology Kirk Little re-examines the ‘statistically significant results’ of Clark’s studies
21 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets, November 2019 to January 2020: the momentous Capricorn/ Taurus focus – and Dominic Cummings
26 The Holy Twelve: The ‘sublime number’ 12 and hidden treasures of astrology. By Pam Crane
29 Who wrote Shakespeare? Astrology lifts the veil. Phoebe Wyss investigates with the use of her original rectified chart of the Bard
37 Andre Barbault dies at 98. The great French master of mundane astrology remembered. Tribute in next issue
38 Planet Fashion: What’s up, Doc Martens? The glitterati love the boot. Christina Rodenbeck examines its natal chart.
40 The Aries ingress: The Moon. Part 2 of Joao Medeiros’ series on an important feature of mundane astrology
46 Anne Whitaker’s NTAC: ‘How Saturn-Pluto saved me from an attacker’
48 Astrology – according to TV, movies and radio. Jessica Adams stoically re-watches the shows guilty of astro low blows
52 Astrological mavericks: Do you have what it takes to change the world? Natal planets on angles produce rule-breaking pioneers. Michael Bartlett discusses
58 Whitaker vs. Olliver: The media star-sign horoscopes debate. The two can’t agree on popular horoscopes so step into the metaphorical boxing ring
62 How yods function: Marguerite dar Boggia (at nearly 97) reflects on what this aspect pattern means in her nativity
64 Pam Crane’s Sign Language: Getting to know…dwarf planet Gonggong
66 Books: New work by Kim Farnell, David Hamblin, Linda ‘Moonrabbit’ Zlotnick reviewed
68 Astro-Calendar 2019-20: conferences worldwide
69 Transits for November-December 2019. By Sarah Cochrane
70 Astrology Crossword 29. Pam Crane’s unique (and challenging!) puzzle
71 Astro-X-Ray: Karen Christino. Can death be forecast? Interview with the New York-based astrologer


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