The Astrological Journal March 2020 62.2

03 Editor’s letter
05 In the astro news: Alexander Boxer’s A Scheme of Heaven; Dell Horoscope’s demise
08 Frank C. Clifford’s Data News: Christine Chubbuck
11 Jean Bodin: the father of planetary cycles. Nicholas Campion re-examines the work of Kepler’s less known brilliant contemporary
16 Rethinking traditional concepts of dignities and debilities: Time for greater nuance and subtlety? By Ray Grasse
19 Written in the stars: How I forecast Boris’ landslide. Andy McDonald’s traditional use of fixed stars for the 2019 UK General Election result
24 Noel Tyl: A modern master remembered. With Pam Crane, Ray Grasse, Lynn Bell, Roy Gillett, Ronnie Grishman, Kirk Little and others
30 Zodiacal Releasing and Michael Schumacher’s fate. Zeynep Ozlem Yalcin applies a recovered Hellenistic technique
36 Roy Gillett’s Working with the Planets: 2020 – preparing for tomorrow. And major astro events March-May
41 Astro-calendar 2020-21: conferences worldwide
42 Robert Zoller: The leading mediaeval astrologer who forecast 9/11
44 Zoller and the Age of Aquarius An astrological ages technique explored by Maria Blaquier
47 Paradox and the Saturn-Pluto cycle: Examining the balsamic phase of the conjunction By Anne Whitaker
52 L’astrologie au Coeur: Andre Barbault’s 21st-century forecasts. Extracted from an interview DVD that beautifully illustrates his long life.
54 Expanding the eras of Tarnas’ cosmos. Dwarf planets add meaning to major cycles of the outers, argues Sue Kientz
60 Planet Fashion: Sea goat power: the Little Black Dress. Timely Capricornian themes of a timeless classic
63 Sign Language: Draconic X charts and changing the world. Pam Crane on the world of politics
68 Books: Arlan Wise on releases by Annabel Gat and Steven Forrest
69 Transits for March-April 2020. By Sarah Cochrane
70 Astrology Crossword 31. Pam Crane’s unique (and challenging!) puzzle
71 Astro-X-Ray: Dr. Darrelyn Gunzburg. What do academic peers think of her astrological career?


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