The Astrological Journal May 2020 62.3

The astrology of Coronavirus: Earth in lockdown
05 Andre Barbault: An overview of pandemics. And his 2020-21 forecast in 2011
09 Wendy Stacey: A global transition: The astrology of coronavirus (Covid-19)
14 Andrew Ifandis: Coronavirus: the timeline and asteroid Hygiea
18 Roy Gillett: Working with the Planets: Trapped in today – rebooting our world
23 Anne Whitaker: NTAC: Fate and Saturn-Pluto’s brutal reminder to me
64 Pam Crane: Sign Language: Cleanliness is next to godliness: Honouring Hygiea
66 Astro News: Coronavirus commentaries by Oner Doser, J. Lee Lehman, Raymond Merriman, Christeen Skinner, Susan Miller and Ray Grasse
13 Thank you – Richard and Elly! Roy Gillett’s tribute to two major contributors to the AA who are retiring
25 A series of fortunate events: An astrological publishing tale. Jonathon Clark, a former chartered accountant, on the fated history of his new book
30 Finding Copernicus and astrology’s vindication in the sky (Part 2) Dwarf planets are the missing link in winning astrology wider acceptance, argues Sue Kientz
38 Data News: Agatha Christie: a new birth time and an old mystery. Frank C. Clifford re-examines a bizarre episode in the author’s life with a new natal chart
40 Death by chocolate: The uncanny astrology of Theobroma cacao, the cocoa tree. Marcos Patchett considers the rulership of chocolate and other related questions
51 Stephen Arroyo: a master writer of astrology. Tim Burness considers the books of a leading psychological astrologer
55 Astrology as part of magic: An interview with Robert Zoller. In 1998, the late master of mediaeval astrology set out his ideas to Garry Phillipson
68 Fashion: Season of Capricorn and Aquarius: Black is the new black. Christina Rodenbeck links fashion to the zeitgeist
71 Astro-X-Ray: Christina Rodenbeck The Oxford Astrologer