The Astrological Journal July 2020 62.4

Asteroid Wuhan: a cautionary tale in the time of Covid-19
58 Brenda Wilson on Wuhan’s telling transit at the time of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

05 Carole Taylor: The nature of Mars retrograde
11 Maria Blaquier: Draconic astrology: insights into life’s meaning
17 Wanda Sellar: Women at War. The charts of WW2 undercover agents of the Special Operations Executive
23 Frank C. Clifford: Data News
24 Christina Rodenbeck: Report from Planet Fashion: Masks are not just de rigueur, they’re becoming mandatory.
28 Anne Whitaker: Not the astrology column
30 Chris Mitchell: How medieval astrologers knew what you really, really wanted: Roger of Hereford
37 Roy Gillett: Working with the Planets
42 Brian Clark: Pan and the pandemic: love in the time of Capricorn
47 Oscar Hofman: The Great Conjunctions and fixed stars
51 Richard Alwin Fidler: A time to die: death charts as cosmic obituaries
65 William ‘Trav’ Travers: The planetary day and personality
67 Pam Crane: Sign language. Lahiri Eris, Aries and the virus
71 Astro-X-Ray interview: Richard Alwin Fidler


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