The Astrological Journal September 2020 62.5

Astrological Association (onine) Conference 2020
5 Roy Gillett and Wendy Stacey report on our highly successful event.

14 Frank C. Clifford: Data News: The Jeffrey Epstein scandal
18 Christina Rodenbeck: Planet Fashion: Lockdown and u-turn Uranus’ blooming pants
20 Brian Clark: Timelines of Mercury
28 Anne Whitaker: NTAC: Ophiuchus, Zoom and lockdown’s many ‘airy’ revolutions
30 Roy Gillett: Working with the Planets
37 David Hamblin: A theory of how astrology works: Harmonics and the planets as conscious beings
42 Ray Grasse: Another theory of how astrology works: Goats, mountains, and architecture
46 Mike Eyre: And another theory: Towards a unified understanding of astrology
50 Wanda Sellar: Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding: A most unusual warrior
53 Andrew McDonald: Irreconcilable differences. Or, how to save a marriage
57 Tania Daniels: Zodiacal Releasing in the horoscope of Artemisia Gentileschi
66 Pam Crane: Sign Language: What lies ahead? Zodiacal waves of ages and eras
68 In memoriam: Baldur Ebertin and Betty Bohan
71 Astro-X-Ray: Patrick Arundell



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