The Astrological Journal January 2021 63.1

On the path to the Age of Aquarius
09 But which path and which date for the start of the Age? Roy Gillett charts our course as Jupiter and Saturn settle in Aquarius 2021.

07 Data News with Frank Clifford Astro-narrative of Belgium’s royal love child scandal
13 Major astro-events January to March 2021 Roy Gillett’s guide to the transits, ingresses and lunations
16 Report from Planet Fashion: Diana’s back! The Crown has returned the People’s Princess from the dead. By Christina Rodenbeck
18 New Column: Fixed Stars by Oscar Hofman Hello new GC in air, bye-bye dread Algol
20 A time of total transformation… The ideas, movies and movements under the Saturn Pluto conjunction cycle. By Tim Burness
26 From Saturn to Uranus. Getting there from here. Getting where? Getting there, silly. But where is there? I’ll get to that… Michael Lutin identifies the centaur that will help us in the transition
33 US Election 2020: Ingress charts and the accession of kings Deborah Houlding applies the techniques of Masha’allah
39 US election 2020: natal, transits, progressions, directions and solar returns Multiple modern approaches to making the correct forecast. By Victor Olliver
44 Hollywood and the Neptune factor Ra Rishikavi Raghudas’ guided tour of the movie eras from Gemini to Aries
53 NTAC by Anne Whitaker. That Mary Wollstonecraft statue… And the astrology of Mary Shelley, Frankenstein and Greta Thunberg
56 Lilly’s astrology and the English Civil War Wanda Sellar revisits William Lilly’s 17th century horary charts which proved so accurate
67 Sign Language with Pam Crane Scorpio rising! Fixing Michelangelo
70 Astro-X-Ray: Dr Stormie Grace The American rising star astrologer talks about her broadcasting career


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