The Astrological Journal March 2021 63.2

50 From Pisces to Pegasus: Jung’s prophecy
Aside from zodiac signs, the great psychoanalyst used fixed star constellations in his exploration of humanity’s spirit, as Ryuji Kagami explains

07 Data News with Frank Clifford
Australia’s Pauline Hanson and the Uranian Gemini
09 Philip M. Graves: ‘Why I decided to start an astrology library’
A dream about the late Linda Goodman helped inspire his vast collection of literature
15 Astrology in Art: cosmic harmony and aesthetics
Many great artists were and are inspired by the zodiac. Klemens Ludwig is our guide
20 Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett
Compassion — restoring the soul of our society. And major transits of the season
25 Evangeline Adams: astrologer to the stars
The famous stargazer was consulted by Hollywood royalty. By Karen Christino
31 Fixed Stars with Oscar Hofman
Killing Orion: the election of Joe Biden to the US presidency
33 Memories of Chris McRae
Roy Gillett, Öner Döşer and Margaret Cahill remember a great astrologer who died in December 2020
35 Report from Planet Fashion with Christina Rodenbeck
Fish-tailed and free? Neptune’s lockdown look
36 Astro*Carto*Graphy in the rectification of Diana’s chart
Erin Sullivan examines the princess’ two disputed nativities and world maps. Was she a Libra or Sagittarius rising?
45 There is no new thing under the sun
Lilly’s approach is applied to four famous voyages that ended in disaster. By Sue Ward
58 NTAC with Anne Whitaker
The spring equinox chart: power women will show us how
60 Axis of Destiny
César R. Sanjur meditates on truth, enlightenment and guidance in the horoscope
66 Sign Language with Pam Crane
Past lives? Asteroids and the linked trio of Trump, Henry VIII and Nero
71 Astro-X-Ray: Lynne Ewart
Messages from departed loved ones…


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