The Astrological Journal September 2021 63.5

11 Tecumseh’s Curse and U.S. presidents: Indigenous astrology – from the Maya to Turtle Island
Karen Christino on the advanced cosmologies of early civilisations of North and Central America


08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
George Michael’s transformative love for Anselmo Feleppa
16 The neglected nonagesimal
The top of the chart is not to be confused with the Midheaven. By Anthony Louis
18 Fixed Stars with Oscar Hofman
Correcting “sloppy” thinker C.G. Jung: Pisces and precession
20 Is astrology nothing more than divination?
Ray Grasse puts forward his alternative view in response to Geoffrey Cornelius’ classic book The Moment of Astrology
23 Horary: “Will my father agree to pay for my loan?”
Vasilios Takos applies traditional rules to find the answer
26 Billie Eilish: the Gen Z megastar
A natal analysis of the singer-songwriter and her 2021+ major transits. By Tim Burness
28 The longest-lived astrology magazines
Philip Graves’ informal survey of English language publications
30 Working with the Planets with Roy Gillett
Roy celebrates his column’s 20th birthday and his new book. Followed by major astro events for September to November 2021
35 Appiness? The big business of astrology
Victor Olliver reviews astro app The Pattern – and reports on fortunes being made
38 The Metonic Cycle
The timing and recording technique of Moon phases. By Robyn Ray
40 Glorious transformations: the astrology of a ‘special’ relationship
The US/UK bond and the former’s first Pluto return in 2022. By Raye Robertson
46 Not the Astrology Column with Anne Whitaker
Midsummer’s Day mercurial malarkey: Jupiter to the rescue!
51 Judy Hall remembered
The bestselling author, astrologer, psychic and crystal therapist has passed away
53 Mirror Mirror: The astrology of famous people and the actors who have portrayed them
Strange movie synastries explored by Alex Trenoweth in her new book
62 Report from Planet Fashion with Christina Rodenbeck
Gucci: the astrology of glamour, greed and murder
68 Sign Language with Pam Crane
High and low notes: why we are materialised music
71 Astro-X-Ray: Bob Makransky
The only time he saw a spirit – at a Mayan ceremony


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