The Astrological Journal November 2021 63.6

11 Who killed the cat?
Lyuben Meshikov uses traditional horary to solve this fiendish feline crime


08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
Ella Fitzgerald and her true birth time
17 July Hall tribute
Memories shared from Linda MacKinnon, Margaret Cahill, Paul Honeyfield, Peter Cook, Iris Dorsey and Andrea Miles
20 Wallis & Edward & Harry & Meghan: A study in synastry
Wanda Sellar examines curious similarities between two royal couples
26 The case for flipping charts
Should chart signs be reversed for people born in the Southern Hemisphere? Nāthan Theo Naicker presents his findings. See also Pam Crane’s Sign Language on p 65
34 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology: Moving beyond twelve
Dr Pia Orleane argues that number thirteen helps us to assimilate what the twelve have taught us
38 Fixed Stars with Oscar Hofman
UK PM Boris Johnson’s chart is a lot about Al-Simak, star of break-ups
40 Working with the Planets with Roy Gillett
Jupiter in Pisces – the healing power of forgiveness. Followed by a hard-hitting analysis of major astro events to January 2022
45 The case against reality
Adrian Ross Duncan on astrology’s capacity to identify what is actual
49 Not the astrology column with Anne Whitaker
The joys of astro-computing and the ills of astro-conduct
51 Venus: astronomy, astrology and the evolution of love
The power of Venusian cycles in our emotional evolution. By Patricia Godden
55 Lucinda Riley: How fated was her global literary success?
Sue Brayne on the astro-destiny of the late Irish author of the Seven Sisters Series
59 Report from Planet Fashion with Christina Rodenfeld
Neptune’s frills and flounce – and Kim Kardashian’s modesty (ablaze)
65 Sign Language with Pam Crane
Swapping zodiacs when people move south to north or vice versa. See also Nāthan Theo Naicker’s essay on p. 26
71 Astro-X-Ray: Adrian Ross Duncan
His memories of editing The Astrological Journal


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