The Astrological Journal January 2022 64.1

26 The US Pluto return: turning point
Ray Grasse wrote this in 2019. See how his forecasts are already manifesting. Astrology in real time.


08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
David Gest and Liza Minnelli: synastry of love… and hate.
10 The Astrological Association 53rd Annual Conference 2021 report
By Roy Gillett and Wendy Stacey. And loads of speaker and delegate photos.
16 Not the astrology column with Anne Whitaker
Six things I love about astrology.
18 Working with the Planets with Roy Gillett
2022: A year to feel towards the future. US midterm elections. Major astro events January-March 2022.
24 Report from Planet Fashion with Christina Rodenbeck
US Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour owes her longevity to Saturn
33 Horary special: Two questions judged by Kayleigh Jean
1. Where is the safe?
2. Where is my American Airlines card? (Page 36)
42 Anthony Bourdain’s suicide: ‘Parts Unknown’
Robin Biles on the American celebrity chef – can suicide be seen in a horoscope?
49 Georgiana and Diana: Echoes across time
Separated by over two centuries but with very similar destinies. By Joyce Westwood.
56 Frank Piechoski: in remembrance
Alex Trenoweth and Simeon Posner share memories of a colourful personality.
58 The importance of astrology: a trivial essay for serious astrologers
How Oscar Wilde inspired DL Gordon.
60 Sign Language with Pam Crane
The 8 January Club members who made it big – Bowie, Bassey, Presley, Hawking and more.
65 Fixed stars with Oscar Hofman
Prince Harry: lunar mansions and self-empowerment.
69 The Zoom transcript: interview with Samuel F. Reynolds
First a Baptist minister, then an academic atheist, now a leading astrologer. A fascinating life story. And provocative insights.


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