The Astrological Journal November 2022 64.6

The Royal Issue:
Elizabeth II- Charles III
12 Frank C. Clifford: Queen Elizabeth II: A life of duty in an era of change
18 Anne Whitaker: Saturn-Uranus: the Queen’s passing amid turbulence
20 Victor Olliver: Two Suns merge in the late Queen’s and UK charts
21 Alex Trenoweth: Algol and the British Royal Family
25 Deborah Houlding: Charles III – the Scorpio ‘Marmite’ king
26 Victor Olliver: Charles III: his draconic soul purpose – not just to be king?

08 The Astrological Association Annual Conference
2022 Report by Roy Gillett and Wendy Stacey followed by a Zoom-special gallery
28 Report from Planet Fashion with Christina
Rodenbeck Women’s football: The Lionesses and Lilith’s sports bra moment of joy
30 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
Fame: Gonna Live Forever. And don’t miss his new book
32 In memory: Deborah Thewlis
Her work for MISPA and Darby Costello’s appreciation
33 The Astrological Menagerie: Expanding interpretation using dream images
Simão Cortês on how dreams bring horoscopes to surreal life
35 Venus phase movement and Pleiadian-Earth Energy
collective shadow Dr Pia Orleane’s cosmic guide to the season
36 Tribute: Sue Merlyn Farebrother
Friends and colleagues remember a gifted teacher of astrology and the Tarot
38 Fixed stars with Oscar Hofman
Jung, Pisces, Satan and the precession
40 Galactic Astrology: An interview with Julia Balaz
Sue Brayne meets a leading exponent of this esoteric, fixed star technique
46 The long stay of Mars in Gemini
The significance of this seven-month transit. By Liz Hathway
48 Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett
The astrology of experiencing change and astro aspects up to January 2023
53 Lemmy: ‘Old devil’ Saturn as ultimate rockstar
The Motörhead legend’s brutal frankness, face warts and midpoints. By Julian Venables
60 The computer and the digital revolution: The Information Age
Felipe Avila Reyes charts the techno-cycles of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
66 Sign Language with Pam Crane Clash of the Titans!
The astrology of Thor vs. Eddie (not for the squeamish…)
70 Astro-X-Ray: Julija Simas
Founder of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A) has a grand vision of global unity


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