The Astrological Journal January 2023 65.1

Pluto in Aquarius
10 Anne Whitaker: A Changing world order
12 Roy Gillett: Working with the Planets: Preparing for great change. Also, major astro events: January-March 2023
18 Angela Cornish: Carter Memorial Lecture: In a synchronous universe

08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
Celebrity clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry: The Outer Planet Person
17 Sue Farebrother: A celebration of her life
Friends, colleagues and loved ones met at a London pub event to pay tribute
28 Ozzy Osbourne: Who controls the ‘Prince of Darkness’?
Pluto and Sharon are part of the answer. Julian Venables on the charts of the Black Sabbath rock star
33 Rhonda and the real ‘secret’
Bob Makransky challenges The Secret positive thinking guru Rhonda Byrne. What about ‘afflicted’ horoscopes?
38 Fixed stars with Oscar Hofman
Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Glance of the Lion
40 Paula Rego: painting women’s darkest secrets
The acclaimed Portuguese artist and Juno. By Luiza Azancot and Lianne McCafferty
47 Meghan Markle: Shadows beneath the sparkle
Some media astrologers have missed key chart details. Deborah Houlding explains
51 The universe is aware of you
Ray Grasse on scientist Deep Prasad’s mind-altering cosmic (or spiritual?) experience
54 Prince Philip’s ‘psychic’ mother and distant father
A curious story told by Jean Elliott via nativities, transits, progressions and directions
66 Sign Language with Pam Crane
Neptune’s mundane mysteries! Four real-life puzzling stories
70 Astro-x-ray interview with Margaret Gray
Astrology, psychotherapy and the power of hope


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