The Astrological Journal March 2023 65.2

10 The astrology of Bond, James Bond
Ra Rishikavi Raghudas talks about his new book on 007 and one of the world’s largest movie franchises, shaped by Aquarius with a Scorpio hero created by a metaphysical Jungian

08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
How the dead live on in the horoscopes of loved ones
16 Maureen Ravenhall: in remembrance
Wendy Stacey, Robin Ray and Kathryn Monks honour a vibrant astrologer
18 Why directions sometimes fail
Bob Makransky tries to make sense of a baffling Neptune direction to his Ascendant
20 Shakespeare rising: asteroids and the authorship mystery!
Pam Crane plays astro-detective and examines suspects’ charts with the help of dwad
26 Embracing my inner weirdo: or, how to be a 12-faced astrologer
The rising sign may vary according to mood in the absence of birth time, writes Victor Olliver
28 A powerful spring-full of positive changes
The Pleiadian-Earth Energy guide to this season. By Pia Orleane, PhD
30 Mirror Mirror: the synastry of biopics 
Alex Trenoweth on Elvis Presley and his movie doppelgangers
34 Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett
The impact of astro-cycles on our times. And major astro-events: March to May 2023
40 A mystical adventure into the world of talismans under Jupiter
Electional astrology helps to ‘birth’ a new range of Jovian sacred objects. By Julian Venables
45 The Moon’s nodes in Gemini/ Sagittarius: a research study: Part 1
Anne Whitaker shares her insights into life-changing nodal shifts
48 The Astrology Hub entrepreneur
Sue Brayne interviews Amanda Pua Walsh, founder of a global education site
53 Metaphysical psychology: the 8th great problem of astrology
Do Jungian psychological ‘theories’ limit the horoscope to the self? By Mike Harding
66 Sign Language with Pam Crane
Jesus and his legacy
70 Astro-X-Ray: Pia Orleane, PhD
The story of how an alien race inspired a new approach to astrology