The Astrological Journal May 2023 65.3

11 Ten astrologers with a Draconic Bowl horoscope
Visible planets restricted to one half of the zodiac as defined by the nodal axis magnify natal qualities and challenges, as demonstrated in the charts of Olivia Barclay, Alan Oken,

08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
The ever-elusive birth data of Hillary Clinton. And the birth certificate of Scotland’s new First Minister Humza Yousaf (page 10)
18 A meditation on light
Classical and modern ideas of the sun’s energy – and Saturn’s role. By Trav Travers
21 Judith Hill: the medical and vocational astrologer extraordinaire
Interview by Sue Brayne. What to say (or not say) to the dying
27 Mirror Mirror: Synastry of biopics with Alex Trenoweth
Chiron: the centaur of attention in three movies
30 Fixed stars with Oscar Hofman
Jupiter/Saturn forecasting conjunctions in nations’ birth charts: the UK and Ireland
32 How the Divine Order can release your creative genie
Julian Venables discusses his new self-help book drawing on ancient perceptions
35 Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett
World war? Can understanding astrology help us do better this time? And major astro events: May to July 2023 (page 38)
41 Multidimensional transits
Republication of Dennis Elwell’s ground-breaking essay on the “overlapping of dimensions” – the application of draconic astrology to tropical or sidereal charts for precision analysis
49 Fire and the Phoenix City (Part 1)
Kirk Little links event and personal charts arising from two conflagrations of Portland, Maine
56 The Moon’s nodes in Gemini/ Sagittarius: a research study (Part 2)
Real-life testimonies on nodal returns and ingresses. By Anne Whitaker
64 Pleiadian-Earth Energy with Pia Orleane
A guide to cyclic transcendence
66 Sign Language with Pam Crane
Eurovision and Riverdance – and the asteroids
70 Astro-X-Ray interview: Alan Annand
In praise of Vedic astrology


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