The Astrological Journal July 2023 65.4

13 Liz Greene: Chiron in Love
The master astrologer introduces her new book, Chiron in Love: The Astrology of Envy, Rage, Compassion and Wisdom. The centaur’s true power of wound and healing resides in our very close relationships.

08 Data News with Frank C. Clifford

Some thoughts on the Coronation and a new monarch.
11 Oscar Hofman’s Fixed Stars
Progressions: King Charles III and the Cup.
18 Mirror Mirror: synastry of biopics with Alex Trenoweth
When actors match the talents of legendary subjects, such as in Rocketman.
23 We don’t have to like Saturn
An extract from Jean-Marc Pierson’s new book, Magical Doors: The Symbols of Astrology.
24 Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett
Welcoming AI on our terms – learning from past astro-cycles. And Major Astro Events: July to September 2023.
28 (Mis)understanding astrology
Roy Gillett identifies critical flaws in a new book by astrology sceptic Geoffrey Dean and others.
30 Fate, destiny, and the origin of problems
Sue Brayne interviews AstroConstellations ™ creator Meghan Kelly.
36 Horary: What will be the legal outcome?
Tanuj J. Narula tackles a most unusual case involving a sexual assault.
38 Doctor Who: A Sagittarian super-hero at 60
A new kind of saviour followed Batman and Superman. By Trav Travers.
42 Morin’s use of zodiac signs as accidental houses
Morin translator Anthony Louis explains.
47 The out-of-bounds planets of artists
Controversial painters and sculptors tend to have OOB natal celestials, indicates Joyce Westwood’s extensive research.
54 Fire and the Phoenix City, Part 2 The return of the repressed: the Great Conflagration of 1866
Personal and collective resonances in the charts for the Portland, Maine great fire. By Kirk Little.
64 Sign Language with Pam Crane
Sensitive souls and autism.
67 In remembrance: Yiannis Rizopoulou
Andrew Ifandis mourns the loss of the highly accomplished Greek astrologer.
68 Faith and Neptune
Anne Whitaker and Victor Olliver reflect on a shared love of the sea as inspiration.
70 Astro-X-Ray interview: Pam Crane
Does her multidimensional approach sometimes boggle even her brilliant mind?


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