The Astrological Journal January 2024 66.1

Astrological Association Conference 2023 report
08 By Roy Gillett and Wendy Stacey. Plus, glorious photographs of speakers.


13 Meet the new members of the Astrological Association leadership
The AA is in a transformative state to meet new challenges and expand.
14 Data News with Frank C. Clifford
Caroline Flack: The Virgo-Sagittarius vulnerability.
16 On the supposed death of astrology in the 18th century. Part 1
Philip Graves debunks the idea that astrology ‘died’ with William Lilly.
22 ‘Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac’ – a song cycle
Benita Rainer on a new astrology music album that has wowed critics.
26 The state of astrology as we enter 2024
Astrology in renaissance and the rise of the neo-eco-astros. Research by Jennie Thomas.
31 What the lobster can teach astrologers about change
How to deal with the need to move on as we contemplate 2024. By Marjorie Orr.
35 Septimius Severus: The Roman emperor-astrologer
Deborah Houlding charts the life of the world’s most influential African in history.
39 The Pleiadian-Earth Energy guide: January to March 2024
An alternative astrology said to be inspired by interstellar beings. By Pia Orleane.
40 Working with the Planets (1) by Roy Gillett: The Healing Power of Forgiveness
What humanity faces in 2024 and beyond.
45 Working with the Planets (2) by Roy Gillett
Major astro events: January to March 2024
47 Steve Judd interview by Sue Brayne
The maverick British astrologer says he has practised “abnormal astrology” for 40 years.
53 The Jupiter-Uranus Cycles
What the world can expect based on the history of the conjunction due in April 2024. Research by Anne Whitaker.
56 The Astrology of Twins
A slight variation in birth times can make all the difference. By Alison Boulton.
62 Tales of Lost Astrologers: ‘Princess Sunita’
Kim Farnell rediscovers a once-famous media stargazer not all that she claimed to be.
65 Sign language with Pam Crane
The Heliocentric view of life-changing Pluto’s ingress of Aquarius.
68 Fixed Stars with Oscar Hofman
The Palestinian National Authority: Tseh She Ke on the Ascendant.
70 Astro-X-Ray interview: Giorgia Pecora
The Sicilian astrologer explains what ‘sexological bodywork’ is.


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