The Astrological Journal May 2024 66.3

So, how does astrology work?
07 Sue Brayne talks to eight astrologers who share their thoughts on this much-asked question.


12 Planting Seeds. Seeing the Long-Term Impact of Transiting Conjunctions
The effects of such mergers can be tracked over years, writes Ray Grasse.
16 Tales of Lost Astrologers: Professor Zodiac
Kim Farnell tells the story of roguish Rupert Scott who had many guises.
19 Fixed Stars with Oscar Hofman
A death by joust foretold: Henry II of France, Luca Gaurico and Nostradamus.
21 Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett
Prog-rock band King Crimson’s message to our times. Major Astro Events from page 24.
26 A Possible Explanation for the Astrological Issue Raised by Twins
The draconic zodiac sheds light on why twins’ lives are different. By María Blaquier.
35 In Memoriam: Alexander Kolesnikov
Maggie Hyde, Nick Campion, Philip Graves, Boris Boiko and Karine Dilanian recall a prolific academic and creator of astro apps.
37 Was Emperor Septimius Severus black?
A reader raises this matter in response to Deborah Houlding’s Jan-Feb 2024 essay.
38 Mars, the Life Coach
Not just planet of dynamism, its cycle guides us on where to apply energies. By Yolanda McAdam.
40 The Sibly brothers, J. M. Ashmand and John Cooper
An overview of English astrologers and their works from 1784 to 1863. By Philip Graves.
47 Pluto’s Slow Shift into Aquarius
How’s it going for you? Anne Whitaker says crisis brings opportunity.
53 Earthquakes. Can They Be Predicted Using Astrology?
Latest astrological research on this natural hazard, brought to us by Robert Anderson.
60 Nature’s Crucible (Part 1)
Trav Travers explores the link between metals and planets.
65 Sign Language with Pam Crane
The Mystery of Madeleine McCann. Solved by astrology?
68 A Celebration of Astrology
Frank C. Clifford reports on his special show at the Royal Albert Hall.
70 Pleiadian-Earth Energy with Pia Orleane
May-June 2024: Unexpected gifts of spring and summer. Alien inspiration.
71 Astro-X-Ray Interview: Sue Brayne
What was it like interviewing Ray Levine?


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