Astrology Medicine Newsletter Issue No 16 Spring 1996

Issue Sixteen – Spring 1996
(10th Anniversary Issue)
Editor: Wanda Sellar
‘The Tenth Anniversary’ by Nicholas Campion
‘Case Notes’ by Jane Ridder-Patrick
‘The Horary Method – Astrology’s Lost Key’ by Margaret Rae Hughes
‘Heavenly Health’ by Steve Eddy
‘A Case of Hyperactivity’ by Karen Taylor
‘Will the pain in my face go away?’ by Caroline Norris
‘Agrippa and Astrology’ by Annabella Kitson
‘The Sixth House’ by Dylan Warren Davis
‘Is there a serious cause to my sister-in-law’s migraines? By Wanda Sellar
‘What is Medical Astrology? Part Two’ by Ingrid Naiman


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