Astrology and Wellbeing

The Astrological Association presents a one-day online event on Wellbeing

10 July 2021 10.15 – 16.00

During these challenging times it is more important than ever to take care of our wellbeing. This inspiring day links the wisdom of astrology with 4 complementary therapies.

The event is being held online on Zoom, and anyone registering will also get access to the day’s recordings for 28 days after the event – so even if you can’t attend live, you can watch the talks!


10.00 Welcome, Introduction
10.15 – 11.15 Amanda Jarrold – Astrology and Herbalism
11.30 – 12.30 Wanda Sellar – Astrology and Crystal healing
12.30 – 13.15 Lunch
13.15 – 14.15 Sue Merlyn Farebrother – Astrology and Psychosynthesis
14.30 – 15.30 Christine Chalklin – Astrology and the Bach Flower Essences
15.30 – 16.00 Close (opportunity for a few further questions and comments)

Wanda Sellar – The High Priest’s Breastplate, Crystals and Astrology
The link between gems and crystals and the twelve signs of the zodiac may well have its genesis in the High Priest’s Breastplate. By 1st century gems were linked with the birth month, and precious stones were used as Amulets and Talismans. Today crystals are used in healing and spiritual development for as Alice Bailey says says  ‘Understanding the history of a crystal, is entering the glory of God’.  This talk will suggest the use of crystals for healing and divination.

Wanda Sellar, Dip.Astrol. Q.H.P., ICCH, has been an astrologer for many years as well as a crystal healer and aromatherapist. She studied with the International College of Crystal Healing and the Gemmological Association of Gt Britain. She is a past president of the Astrological Lodge of London and its current Programme Organiser. There are four books on astrology to her credit: ‘The Consultation Chart, ‘Introduction to Medical Astrology,’ ‘Introduction to Decumbiture’, and the latest  ‘Chart Shapes: The Code to Interpretation’. Email:

Christine Chalklin – The Pathway to Wellbeing with Bach Flower Essences and Astrology
Bach flower therapy is a form of vibrational medicine that resonates with the Astrological birth chart. Each flower essence contains the energetic signature of the plant that it comes from and it can then be aligned with emotions and character patterns as revealed by the horoscope. Used together they create a natural alchemy whereby the body’s cellular frequency is optimised. Understanding some of your personal essences is essential, particularly during these times of crisis.

Christine Chalklin grew up with astrology, as both her mother and grandmother were enthusiastic students. Working professionally for nearly 30 years, she combines astrology with motivational coaching and Bach flower essence therapy. She is passionate about assisting her clients with their personal growth on their journey to self-empowerment and wellbeing. Christine is a Trustee on the board of the Astrological Association and a tutor for the Mayo School of Astrology.

Amanda Jarrold – Astrology and Herbalism, a shared language to wellbeing.
This talk will introduce the language of herbalism and how it keys into the birth chart. Any investigation into astrology or herbalism will quickly reveal a shared common language which describes both the nature of plants and the nature of the horoscope. But this link goes much further – we can follow the thread through the chart to assess imbalance and locate potential remedies.

Amanda Jarrold BSc has been a student of astrology since 2002, first with the Faculty of Astrology where she studied to Diploma level, and later through her exploration of traditional astrology. She has also served on the board of the Astrological Association council as Secretary, and later as a Trustee. Amanda is a medical herbalist and educator with a BSc (Hons) in Herbal medicine. She is intrigued by the historical links between plants, planets and health. She is also an advocate of the role astrology has played in the history of Herbal Medicine.

Sue Merlyn Farebrother – Astrology & Psychosynthesis: Within my Self there are many parts.
Western astrology lends itself well to some western psychotherapies, such as Psychosynthesis, for example, which perceives the individual as a whole being of many different parts. People exhibit contradictory behaviours, or different aspects of their personality, which are referred to as subpersonalities. As the Sun describes the central essence of who we are in natal astrology, so the Sun in psychosynthesis is represented by the Higher Self, the conductor that directs the orchestra, out of which the whole may potentially emerge. And the many ways of being of each one of us is illuminated astrologically by our chart configurations, by the planets in signs or houses, aspects and aspect patterns, until we find our Essential Self.

Sue Merlyn Farebrother, DFAstrolS, MA has been a professional astrologer and tarot consultant for more than 35 years in private practice in London, UK. She teaches astrology at Foundation and Intermediate level for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She also teaches tarot at Treadwells shop and the LSA. Sue gained a distinction for her Cultural Astronomy and Astrology MA dissertation on Tarot and Astrology in 2007. Her beginners’ book, Astrology Decoded, has gained critical acclaim, and has also recently written completed her next astrology book for Rider Books, Astrology Forecasting. Embarking on her third book, which will be on Tarot.

By enrolling in this course you accept the following:
I recognise and accept that all the methods and ideas  described come from  a range of cultures, where over the centuries doctors have found astrology a useful aid to their diagnosis, providing they had proper medical understanding. I understand that the Astrology and Wellbeing course is offered to aid the rediscovery of this medical astrology, not to suggest cures for inexperienced readers to try. The Astrological Association supports and asks attendees to support entirely, the item in the Association of Professional Astrologers’ code, which says practitioners should ‘… refrain from offering any specific medical, legal or financial advice to a client on astrological grounds’

Price: £15 AA members, £20 non-AA members (includes £5 daily membership)
AFTER 30 MAY Price: £20 AA members, £25 non-AA members (includes £5 daily membership)

Note: Anyone registering will get access to the day’s recordings for 28 days after the event – so even if you can’t attend live, you can watch the talks!


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