Berlin Wall, Gates Opened

Gates Opened Berlin Wall 09 Nov 1989 23:30 CET (-1:00) Rating: AA

Berlin, Germany 52N30, 13E22

Notes: Contemporary new reports give time as when Lt. Colonel Harald Jager gave the order to open the gates.

Source: See AA Journal 20196102 page 46. Journal articles claims 8 Nov at 22:45, but other news reports state 9 Nov at 23:30 CET. Wiki article at states announcement that the wall would fall was at 18:00 9 Nov, and that Jaeger opened the gate at 10:45 pm (alternatively given as 11:30pm). NPR reports that some people were let through provisionally earlier, but that Jaeger gave the order to open the gate completely at 23:30: BBC news On this Day for 9 November: 1989: The night the Wall came down:

AA Ref: 5997

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