Correlation 1999 Vol 18 1 18.1

Why is Venus green? A morphological approach to astrology? Douglas, Graham 1999 Summer 18.1 3
New research in personality and astrology Roberts, Peter Professor 1999 Summer 18.1 21
Identifying painters and politicians: a commentary on astrology as art and science Bagley, Christopher 1999 Summer 18.1 32
Correlation’s Forum: Moods, violence and the lunar cycle Smith, Claire 1999 Summer 18.1 40
Correlation’s Forum: Effects of family history and place and season of birth on the risk of schizophrenia Mortensen, Bo P., Bocker Pedersen, C. Westergaard, T., Wohlfahrt, J., Ewald, H, Mors, O., Andersen, P.K. Melbye, M. 1999 Summer 18.1 47
Correlation’s Forum: After word on family history paper McGillion, Frank 1999 Summer 18.1 59
Book Reviews: Comment demontrer l’astrologie experimentations et approches theoriques Michael, Albin 1999 Summer 18.1 62


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