Correlation 2016 Vol 30.2 30.2

3 Editorial
7. Obituaries: Dennis Elwell; Michael Startup; Dave Stevens; Jonathan Cainer
14 Astrology is a foreign language by Dennis Elwell
27 The Moon’s Nodes in the synastry of the Gauquelins’ couples by Kyosti Tarvainen PhD
38 Sun sign synastry in marriage by Nick Kollerstrom PhD
49 The relevance of Bayes’ theorem in probability theory by Professor Peter Roberts
58 Gauquelin References List citing Astro-Psychological Problems articles provided by Nick Kollerstrom
64 Notice from Roy Gillett of a major new mundane astrology book by Andre Barbault
66 Book Review: The New Age in the Modern West: Counterculture, Utopia and Prophecy from the Late Eighteenth Century to the Present Day by Nicholas Campion reviewed by Garry Phillipson
77 Reviews of Tests of Astrology by Geoffrey Dean and associates: how to post your review online


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