Correlation 2021 Vol 33 02

5. Editorial: Is the P-Value still our Litmus Test?
13. Astrology using Progressed Synastry in 1,300 Public Cases. A Validation Study by Paul Westran
35. To use or not to use midpoints? by Vincent Godbout
47. A study of midpoints in theologians’ charts by Kyösti Tarvainen
55. Statistical studies have started to advance astrological techniques. by Kyösti Tarvainen
65. Testing astrology based on practice rather than theory. by Robert Currey
77. Justice for the Supreme Court. Delving beyond a Sun Sign Test of 114 Justices by Robert Currey
87. Replication of Ertel’s result on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Saturn in Gauquelin Key sectors. by Graham Douglas


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