Correlation 2021 Vol 34 01

5. Editorial: The Past Honoured, Mysteries Unravelled, Secrets Revealed and some Self-Reflection.
7. Interview with Simon Best, the first editor of Correlation
9. Confirmation of Ptolemy’s 5-degree rule for Koch and Equal houses by Kyösti Tarvainen
17. Can success with IVF treatment following astrological advice be accounted for by the Placebo Effect? by Nicola Smuts-Allsop
31. The New York Suicide Study – Reconsidered and Reversed by Robert Currey
59. Human longevity, the Gauquelin Effect and Helio-centric cycles by Graham Douglas
77. Guessing aspects from interviews and obituaries by Kyösti Tarvainen
89. Book review by Philip Graves: A Critical Introduction to Psychological Astrology with Scientific Backing Authored by Kyösti Tarvainen & Raimo Nikula.
92. Letter from Gerhard Mayer


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