Correlation 2023 Vol 35 02

5. Editorial: Quest for Replication and Corroboration by Robert Currey
11. A Model for Planetary Dominance Convincing Evidence from Biographical
Analysis by Vincent Godbout and Vital Coron
31. Square aspects to the Midheaven and Ascendant as an explanation of the
Gauquelin findings by Kyösti Tarvainen and Vincent Godbout
41. Planetary orbits and natural numbers by Johnson Holt
53. Refuting False Self-Attribution through Empirical Analysis of the
Astrological Elements in Personality Assessments by Robert Currey
63. Review Understanding Astrology: A critical review of a thousand
empirical studies 1900- 2020
85. Letter from Jose Beccerra
89. Letter from Arthur Mather


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