Correlation 2023 Vol 36 01

  • Editorial
  • The Gods of War: Investigation of the planetary alignments and the onset of war by Tom Stedall
  • The Correlation between Outer Planet Cycles & World News Trends over 38 years by Robert Currey
  • A Brief Research Note on an Astrological Condition Related to Male-to-Female Transsexuality by Christopher Benton
  • The marriage of astrology and AI: A model of alignment with human values and intentions by Ken McRitchie
  • Replication of the Adjusted Planetary Dominance Model: Testing an independent sample of 61 biographies by Vincent Godbout & Vital Coron
  • A Comparative Study of Zodiacal Signs on the House Cusps of Quadrant and Equal sized House Systems by Kyösti Tarvainen
  • Signs and Houses appear to operate independently in Classical Synastry by Kyösti Tarvainen
  • Understanding Astrology: A Question of Belief By Garry Phillipson
  • Letter from Mike Harding


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