General Belgrano, Sinking

Sinking General Belgrano 02 May 1982 15:57 AST (+4:00) Rating: AA

No Place Given, Atlantic Ocean 55S24, 61W32

Notes: Argentinian warship sunk in Falklands Wars. See Transit T198342 pp. 19-23. Note: the chart in Transit says 62E30 instead of 62W30, but the chart shown is set for 62W30, but actual location was 61W32.

Source: David Hamblin from records reproduced in ‘The Guardian’ 17th April 1984 [original AA database]. WikiZero at gives 55S24 61W32 as location and 15:57 Falkland Island Time (UTC-4) as the time. [Mark Okrasa]

AA Ref: 433