Irish Astrological Association

Irish Astrological Association 05 May 1973 19:08 BST (-1:00) Rating: AA

Dublin, Ireland 53N20, 6W15

Notes: Founding of Irish Astrological Association

Source: Maurice McCann in Astrological Quarterly v. 60 no. 3 [original AA database]. Details, with time: [Mark Okrasa] ‘Eventually we agreed to put it on a proper footing and organise ourselves as the Irish Astrological Association. We asked Austin to to pick a suitable date and time to found it. He drew up a chart for May 5th 1973 at 7:08pm, the place to be my house, 3, Fairfield Park, Rathgar, Dublin. The members arrived in good time and the IAA was born as arranged.’

AA Ref: 254

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