Michael E. Brown

Michael E. Brown 05 Jun 1965 14:35 CST (+6:00) Rating: A

Huntsville, AL, United States 34N44, 86W35

Notes: American astronomer and professor of planetary astronomy, who has discovered many trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), including Eris, Sedna, and Quaoar. His discovery of Eris, which was thought to be bigger than Pluto when it was discovered, triggered the debate on the definition of a planet, which led to Pluto being downgraded.

He wrote a book about this called ‘How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming’, and also published a blog post in 2008 called ‘I Love Astrologers’ discussing the history of astronomy and why astrology played an important role.

Source: Source: email from Zane Stein, who contacted the Polish astrologer Bogdan Krusiński in Poland. Krusiński got the data from the blog of Piotr Piotrowski, quoting John Marchesella: http://piotrpiotrowski.blog.onet.pl/

Michael E. Brown urodził się 5 czerwca 1965 roku o godz. 14:35 CST w Huntsville AL. Godzina urodzenia została podana przez samego Browna w liście do astrologa Johna Marchesella, który przedstawił jego horoskop w artykule The Astrology of an Astronomer

(Michael E. Brown was born on June 5, 1965 at 2:35 PM CST at Huntsville AL. The time of birth was given by Brown himself in a letter to the astrologer John Marchesella, who presented his horoscope in The Astrology of an Astronomer)

AA Ref: 7007

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