Trump supporters storm Capitol building: Senate recessed

Trump supporters storm Capitol building: Senate recessed 06 Jan 2021 14:19 EST (+5:00) Rating: AA

Washington, DC, United States 38N53, 77W01

Notes: Following a demonstration by Trump supporters outside the Capitol building in Washington, DC (latitude and longitude are given for this building) where the Senate was meeting to ratify Joe Biden’s presidency, protesters subsequently stormed the building.

Senate was recessed because of the breach at 14:19 EST, and the House and Senate evacuated. About 10 minutes later, it was announced that the entire building had been occupied, and photos appeared of protesters inside the building, including one sitting in the main chamber.

The National Guard arrived at 15:33 EST. At 16:17 EST, Trump tweeted to ask the protesters to leave peacefully, saying we love you, you’re very special. At 17:50 EST, officials declared the Capitol site secure.

At 19:02 EST, Twitter suspended Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account for 12 hours.
Lawmakers resume the process at about 20:00 EST, and Joe Biden is certified as winner of the 2020 election at 03:45 EST on 7 January. Following further Tweets by Trump, subsequently deleted, Twitter officially closed his account at 23:21 GMT on 8 January 2021 (18:21 EST).

Source: Timeline: which has a section Beginning at 2:19 P.M. The House and Senate are evacuated. This section shows a Tweet from the C-SPAN network timed 19:19 GMT (14:19 EST) with a video captioned: The Sentate will stand in recess until the call of the chair. Protesters are in the building. The following section, Beginning around 2:30 P.M. Chaos ensues inside the Capitol has a photo of intruder sitting in the chamber, taken from a Tweet by Igor Bobic, HuffPost politics reporter (original source: Boston Globe source above also shows at 20:00 restart time for the proceedings to ratify Biden’s win, confirmed at 03:45 EST 7 Jan 2021.

Official Tweet from Twitter regarding Trump’s account closed: 23:21 GMT 8 Jan 2021.

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