Wheal Agar, Tin Mining Disaster

Tin Mining Disaster Wheal Agar 15 Aug 1883 07:00 GMT (+0:00) Rating: A

Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom 50N13, 5W14

Notes: Mining disaster. From Northern Mine Research Society website: At about 7 a.m. just as the cage reached the top of the landing brace, one of these men, Henry Cardines, jumped off. At that moment the rope broke 10 feet above the shackle and the cage fell down the shaft and the other 12 men were dashed to pieces.

Source: David Hamblin quotes from records in Tin Mining Museum, Zennor [original AA database]. https://www.nmrs.org.uk/mines-map/accidents-disasters/cornwall-devon/wheal-agar-shaft-accident-redruth-1883/ [Mark Okrasa]

AA Ref: 43

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