Professor Mike Startup 13 March 1950 – 18 August 2015

Mike Startup helped establish the small, London based group – in the early 1980s – formed to assess astrology in a strictly scientific context. This duly stimulated further research. Mike was one of the early/founder Correlation referees and a member of the Astrological Investigation and Research group. With a degree in English Literature, Mike opted to take a PhD in psychology, which focussed on astrology.

Ultimately – like others – he discovered his enthusiasm for astrology, was inappropriate when subjected to close, academic scrutiny. His professional career was in clinical psychology and he worked at several universities in the UK and eventually Australia where he retired (and passed away, at the Maitland Hospital, NSW).

He excelled as both researcher and teacher, and was for a time Joint Editor of the British Journal of Clinical Psychology. Mike’s disarming demeanour and intense conviction were just two of his unforgettable features. Indeed, at times he verged on the charismatic. But he could demonstrate uncommon kindness and sensitivity too. It was a delicate balance. He was truly a one off. And a superbly successful one. A very fond goodbye, Mike.

Frank McGillion

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