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Downloading or buying a publication

The AA publishes the Astrological JournalCorrelation, and the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter. All issues are available to download.

If you are an AA member, you can download any issue of the Astrological Journal free of charge as part of your membership. If you are a subscriber to Correlation or the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, you can download any issue of the publication you subscribe to free of charge as part of your subscription. To do this, make sure you are accessing this page via the My Account section of the website, and not the Online Shop.

The instructions for downloading or purchasing a digital copy of a publication are the same. The only difference is that if you are purchasing a copy, there will be a button saying Add to Basket, and if you are downloading a publication that your membership or subscription gives you access to, the button will say Download instead.

Indexes to all three of our publications are available to download for free to anyone in the online shop.

Each copy of the Astrological Journal and Correlation has a volume and issue number. The volume number changes each year. Thus, the May 2020 edition of the Astrological Journal is volume 62, issue 3, and has a code of AJ6203. The Astrology and Medicine Newsletter only has an issue number.

The table on this page shows the code, volume, issue, publication date, together with a thumbnail image of the issue. If you are in the shop and are not a member or subscriber, there will also be a price displayed. Clicking on the code will bring up a list of contents for that issue, and allow you to purchase or download the issue.

The search box will allow you to enter a keyword, and will bring up any issues of the publication with that keyword in the contents, or in any of the fields on this page (thus searching for 1983 will bring up all issues from 1983, and any issues that have “1983” in the contents). If you are purchasing an issue, you can add any issue to your basket either from this page, or from the page that appears when you click on an issue.

When you purchase an issue, after checking out your basket and making the payment, a list will appear in your checkout showing which issue(s) you have purchased, with a link to download them immediately.

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