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The Astrological Association has built up a library of recordings of conferences and workshops, from 1983 onwards. This collection of conference talks offer a remarkable snapshot of modern astrological history; they include Charles Harvey speaking in 1983, Dennis Elwell in 1984, Melanie Reinhart’s words on Chiron in 1988 as well as ground-breaking talks from Francois Gauquelin, Howard Sasportas, Bruno and Louis Huber and many more great astrologers.

Full list of AA Conference recordings (PDF)

Recordings are available as an immediate MP3 download (when a talk includes backup material such as a PDF presentation as well as the MP3, this is in the form of a ZIP file).

Special requests: if your connection is slow and you would prefer sets of recordings on a memory stick, or an entire set of Conference recordings, please contact the office for details and pricing.


(excludes whole day workshops and entire conference recordings)
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