Andre Barbault's The Value of Astrology

Published by the Astrological Association

cover of Andre Barbault book

Published by the Astrological Association

Publication date: January 2014. 277 9x6 inch pages

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"Will Astrology be taken seriously at last?"

The first book available in English by this great French master astrologer; The Value of Astrology offers incisive, captivating insights into the origins, classical tradition and modern uses of astrology. It includes:

Drawing on Andre's nearly 80 years with astrology, here is a special opportunity to touch the wisdom of an exceptional human being, who justifiably shows there are irresistible cultural, statistical and mundane reasons to claim, 'Astrology should be taken seriously at last'.

"When the history of twentieth century European astrology is finally written, Andre Barbault will be given an honoured place: over the course of his life Barbault has encountered most of the major astrologers in Europe, including C.G.Jung. This book includes some of his most important writing on astrology's value, nature and significance, developed over more than half-a-century of study, and available for the first time in English."

— Nicholas Campion, author of A History of Western Astrology

"Andre has a very special style in French and I can hear his voice in the way Kate chose to translate... What a good job she's done! ......Reading Andre Barbault in French many years ago, brought one of the great astrological awakenings of my life. Now, reading him in English for the first time, I am dazzled again... In this book, you will meet one of the most original and inventive astrologers of the 20th century."

— Lynn Bell

"[I am] familiar with Barbault's prolific work [in French], this publication is truly impressive as it seems to pull together a life of experience in a succinct volume. It is time for the English speaking world to get a glimpse of this master astrologer."

— Monica Domino