The 50th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association & 60th Birthday Celebration

We can promise you a new venue, more tracks and more to see and for the same price as last year. Book early to receive a heavy discount - save even more if you're willing to share a room.

The residential option includes all meals, refreshments, Grand Saturday dinner and exclusive use of the hotel's many facilities.

NOTE: Accomodation price is per person, not per room. There is a discount of £30 per person for couples and those willing to share a room with one other person (in the latter case, men / men and women / women will be paired unless otherwise specified).

All Conference attendees must be Astrological Association members Membership options (including temporary membership) are available below. Cancellation charges apply.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements or requests and we will do our best to accomodate you. Email

Select your choices from the list below, then click the 'Add to Basket' button

NEW - The Astrological Association has arranged a visit to Stonehenge for delegates to observe the Solstice sunrise at the ancient monument. (For Conference delegates ONLY.) More information here. NOTE: For those who are sharing a room, there is £10 off the Stonehenge visit booking price

See the Solstice Sunrise at Stonehenge
For one person £210.00
Already booked for the conference and sharing a room? £10.00 off above price £200.00

Residential Conference (5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday)

Includes conference, 4*+ accommodation, all meals (including grand Saturday night dinner) and refreshments. Non-residential options below.
For one person £499.00
One couple sharing a room. (Please contact the AA Office with the other person's name.) £938.00
Price for those willing to share a room with another member. (Genders will be paired) £469.00

Friday Workshops

Would you like to come to the conference for an extra day and attend specialised workshops? Price is per person for two workshops only and includes accommodation, meals and refreshments. Please choose two workshops from the options below.
Per person £239.00

Friday Morning Workshops (please check one only)

Ray Merriman (Financial Astrology)

Sue Farebrother (Tarot For Astrologers)

John Frawley (Traditional Astrology)

Jane Ridder-Patrick (Medical Astrology)

Friday Afternoon Workshops (please check one only)

Ray Merriman (Financial Astrology)

Frank Clifford (Palmistry For Astrologers)

Wade Caves (Traditional Astrology)

Wanda Sellar (Medical Astrology)

Non-Residential Options

Three-Day Conference (Friday, Saturday & Sunday, includes Conference, lunch and refreshments) £339.00
Two-Day Conference (Includes Conference, lunch and refreshments) Please choose two days from the choices below £249.00
One Day Conference (includes Conference, lunch and refreshments) Please choose one day from the choices below £159.00
Friday 22nd Saturday 23rd Sunday 24th
Friday Night Dinner ONLY £35.00
Saturday Grand Dinner ONLY £45.00

Membership Options

All delegates must be Astrological Association members. If not a member, please choose one of the following options:
Temporary membership for one day @ £10 per day £10.00
Temporary membership for two days @ £10 per day £20.00
Temporary membership for three days @ £10 per day £30.00
Alternatively choose a full year's membership

(Please check one)

Either: Year's membership with online & hardcopy Journal £42.00
Or: Year's membership with online Journal only £35.00

Special dietary requirements

Please check one: Pescatarian Vegetarian Vegan
If you have other special needs, please contact the Office and we will do our best to accomodate you