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Buy the entire 2005 conference on CD for £59.95

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Y481 A Zodiacal Language For The Main Laws Of Biology - Dante Valente
Y482 Importance Of Eclipses And Pre-Natal Eclipse In Life Direction - Georgia Stathis
Y483 Caged Glory: The Transit Of Saturn In Leo - Lynn Bell
Y484 Using Demographic Data As Astrological Research Tools - Didier Castille
Y485 Persuasive Transformation Techniques - Adrian Duncan
Y487 Bodhisattva In The Six Realms - Geoffrey Cornelius
Y489 Traces, Facial Expressions, Transits And Progressions - Alexander Von Schlieffen
Y490 Horoscopes Of Religious Figures: Buddha & Muhammad - Friedel Roggenbuck
Y491 Turkey's EU Membership: An Identity Crisis For Europe - Hakan Kirkoglu
Y492 Victims And Saviours - Liz Greene
Y493 Structure Of The (Sidereal) Zodiac: Galactical Matrix - Rafael Gil Brand
Y494 Lilith Transits: A Winning Card For Astrological Consultations - Grazia Mirti
Y495 The Crosses In Medical Astrology - Jane Ridder-Patrick
Y496 Special People Have Special Charts - Christian Borup
Y497 Local Space: Not So Local After All - Helene Schnitzer
Y498 Karmic Chart Interpretation - Heidi Treier
Y499 An Outline Of The Development Of Astrology In Spain - Jaume Martin
Y500 Places Of Destruction: Critical Degrees In Locality Astrology - Peter Fraiss
Y501 The Universal Language Of Past Lives - Faye Cossar
Y502 The Positive And Useful Side Of Interceptions - Chris Mcrae
Y503 The Contribution Of Social Groups Astrology To Astrological Practice - Yves Lenoble
Y504 Astromapping - Christeen Skinner
Y505 Another Look At Astrology - Monica Domino
Y506 How Conventional Science And Astrology Can Research Together - Andrew Foss
Y507 Astrology During The Roman Empire - Benedetto Gazzolo
Y508 Venus: The Rose And The Thorns Of Love - Darby Costello
Y509 Visual Astrology: Stars, Planets, Colours And Kings - Bernadette Brady
Y510 Astrology At The Races: A Test Bed For Astrology - Dennis Elwell
Y511 Your Birth Myth And Its Lifelong Psychological Implications - Christian Borup
Y512 Joys And Sorrows Of Seven Wandering Stars: A Revelation - Mike Edwards
Y513 The Astrological Experience Of Giacomo Casanova - Dante Valente
Y514 Towards A Post-Modern Astrology - Robert Hand
Y515 Respecting The Mystery In Astrology - Lyndsay Radermacher
Y516 The Secret Side of Saturn - Darby Costello
Y517 Possible Connections Between Astrology And Psychoanalysis - Mireille Martini
Y518 Horary Astrology In Mundane Affairs - Branka Stamenkovic
Y519 Astrology In 3D: The Hidden Meanings Of The Declination Zodiac - Astrid Fallon
Y521 Celestial Ancestors And Astrological Heredity - Lynn Bell
Y522 Heroes Like Us: How To Find The Daimon In Your Chart - Markus Jehle
Y523 Combin: The New Method In Relationship Astrology - Marie-Luise Mathis
Y524 Pioneering Time Twins: The Charts of Sigmund Freud And Robert Peary - Lars Widding
Y525 The Question Of A Spiritual Foundation For Astrology - Geoffrey Cornelius
Y527 No Wings Without Roots: Family Battlefields In The Chart - Peter Fraiss
Y528 Desperate Strategies For Loving - Adrian Duncan
Y529 The Intrigue Of Eclipses - Chris Mcrae
Y530 What Lunar And Planetary Nodes Tell Us? - Astrid Fallon
Y531 Two Horoscopes Of The World - Mike Edwards
Y532 Horary Questions About Love Triangles (Or Even Rectangles) - Branka Stamenkovic
Y533 The Moon And Saturn: The Crib And The Grave - Lars Widding
Y534 What Time Is It? The Magic Of The Cosmic 72 Year Cycle - Faye Cossar
Y535 Synastry In The Real World - Helene Schnitzer
Y536 Matter And Form In Astrology - Rob Hand
Y537 Nothing Left To Lose: Surviving Uranus, Neptune, Pluto - Markus Jehle
Y538 Mental Chemistry In The Birth Chart - Monica Domino
Y539 Vedic Astro Mapping - Andrew Foss
Y541 The Suffering That Heals: Psychosomatic Astrology - Jane Ridder-Patrick
Y542 Neptune And The Fine Art Of Simulation - Alexander von Schlieffen
Y543 Interpreting The Solar Return Chart - Hakan Kirkoglu
Y544 Moon North Node Transits And Timing Shifts In Consciousness - Ray Merriman
Y547 Fate, Complexity Theory And Myths - Bernadette Brady